What is an independent woman?

What is an independent woman?

If we want to define what is an independent woman then we might have to go back to the beginning of time. That was not always so. Historically, women were considered to be property of their husbands. They would be kept ignorant of the real goals of their lives, often kept from even making personal decisions concerning their own welfare. In most cases, a wife was to stay home to take care of the family and the children while her husband went to work and made a decent income.

We have come a long way since those days. Women’s empowerment is a main thrust today. And yet, there are still plenty of women who feel stuck in the submissive role. Why is that? What has changed so dramatically that a woman today can look to be free and be in charge of her own life?

The first thing that has changed is the mentality of those who think that being independent means living a sheltered existence. Those days are over! Today, if you want to be successful, you need to have an education. You need to have skills to help you get a good job. And you need to be financially secure so that you can afford to support your family. Being independent is about success and financial security for you, not for your husband or other loved ones.

Another thing that has changed is the idea that being an independent woman is about clothing differently, playing by different rules, and having her own life. These ideas are not held up to scrutiny anymore. It is assumed that a woman who has her own career, who is financially secure, and who wears the clothes she wants is a liberated woman. This might be true in some regards, but it certainly is not in others.

So, what is an independent woman today? The definition depends on who you ask. For some, being independent means simply being responsible and making choices for yourself. For others, being independent means demanding a certain degree of respect from others, holding themselves up as representatives of the male gender, and knowing when enough is enough.

There is more to being an independent woman than what has been mentioned here. For example, an independent woman is a strong believer in family and loves her children. She might work hard to provide for them, but in her eyes, that does not make them less important. She is the mother figure in the home, and the primary caregiver.

What is a mother, then, when you consider what is an independent woman? To most women, motherhood is defined by pregnancy, birth, and breastfeeding. But to some women, motherhood also means being at home taking care of a sick spouse, cleaning up spills, running errands, raising a child, working in the garden, having a vacation, and looking after the basic needs of one’s family. A woman who meets these definitions has not found herself as fully empowered as she hoped she would be by marrying and having children. If those are not the responsibilities of being a mother, what is?

One might argue that what is an independent woman is defined more by her beliefs and opinions than her abilities. After all, what is an independent woman who holds her head high and believes in herself more than anyone else? That, surely, makes her uniquely powerful and stand out from the crowd. Being an independent woman does not mean being a victim or weaker. It simply means standing up for your values and principles even when you may not agree with them.

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