I grew up feeling worthless and like I would never amount to anything. I often blamed myself for the things others said and did to me. As I grew older, I knew that the things that had happened to me weren't my fault.

But, that didn't change the fact that the words and actions of others were still haunting me. 


It was when I attended The Unstoppable Woman conference in Charleston that I heard the words “stop abusing yourself”. 


It was that moment that I realized that I had been abusing myself. I may have forgiven everyone else, but I hadn't forgiven myself. How could I go through life and not forgive myself?

There was nothing I did wrong so I didn't even think about it that way, but I did need to forgive myself. Forgive myself for the blame and worthless feeling that I struggled with for so long. Forgive myself for allowing the words of others to affect me for as long as they did.


Since the conference, I have grown professionally and personally. I am forever touched by the amazing women I met and the words spoken that have forever changed my life. 


- Raquel, South Carolina


My experience at
The Unstoppable Woman Conference at their tour stop in Tampa was the BOMB!


– Ruthann, Florida


"All I can say is "Wow! Wow! Wow!"

This was one of the best conferences I have been to.

Very well put together and even the change in lunch plans was handled with such excellence that it was seamless.

The speakers were absolutely dynamic and your staff was more than polite.  Please do consider sending us information on your upcoming conferences.

- Mechelle & Staff,


We decided to come out and seize this great opportunity to support women and to encourage leadership, entrepreneurship, and ingenuity.


I also wanted my  


to experience it firsthand.


– Amy, Georgia


I am so LUCKY that I [got] to spend time with some of the most amazing women…it’s such
a cool thing to be a part of something where women build each other up, they encourage one another, and there’s not this competition, jealousy, or anything like that.


It’s just an uplifting and positive environment, where we really do care about each other. 


– Camille J., Mississippi



"It was such an honor to be one of the speakers at the Unstoppable Women Conference.

I am hearing from many of you that you know you are truly unstoppable, yet....something has you "stopped"."


- Bonnie B.


I had the opportunity to attend the Unstoppable Woman Conference...


it was an amazing experience & well
worth it.


Sometimes, it is good just to get away and spend some time focusing on yourself and personal development and that is what I did. 


– Ashley, Georgia



When I was initially invited to attend the conference, it was my first time hearing of it and it seemed like an interesting opportunity when my mother entertained the idea of going and taking the young ladies with us. I enjoyed the conference… 


You are worthy. You are beautiful.
Be unstoppable!


– Tema, Alabama


"Thank you to The Unstoppable Woman
committee for the nomination.

I am honored to be nominated for this year's Business of the Rise, Mentor/Coach of the Year, and Female Inspirational Entrepreneur of the Year awards for [2014] Unstoppable Woman seminar.
It is an honor."


- Lakisha B.


Thank you so very much for your gracious invitation to your Unstoppable Women's Conference.  Boy, I just love that title The Unstoppable Woman because we truly are, if we are moving on the path that the Lord has laid for our feet. 


I am going to be praying for your event and standing in faith with you and all who will work and participate on that day.  I am so sorry that I will not be able to attend this time as prior commitment prevents me from doing so.  

I pray that you will remember me the next event and perhaps I will have that time in my calendar. God bless you Shannon, Jen Hobby, Dr. Trudy Simmons, Carol Harper and all the precious sisters that will gather there with you.

- Doctor M.


“Atlanta’s conference was one of the most powerful and inspirational events that I’ve even witnessed.

I enjoyed being apart of the crowd. I showed up stressed and worn down.

When I left I felt so much stronger and I couldn’t have asked for a better time from the beginning to the end.”


- Keely, Georgia



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