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Toni Preyer


A native of Houston, TX, Toni has always been an excelled overachiever. She completed high school at in 3 years at age 16, completed her bachelor’s degree program also in 3 years at  age 19 and graduated with a Bachelors in Business Administration & Entrepreneurship. Through volunteering in student ministry and outreach, in the course of 2 years Toni became the Youth Pastor of one of the fastest growing ministries in Georgia; Oasis Family Life Church, became an ordained Minister, began speaking to thousands of students across Georgia and eventually elevated into a new role as the Creative Marketing Director with an emphasis on Social Media Marketing. Today, Toni has infiltrated the world—with an emphasis on girls, teens and women—through her positive message of driving passion to success. She has launched a successful career in; motivational speaking, hosting events, creative consulting, mentoring as well as ministering in the areas of; leadership, strategy and operations. At 24 years old, Toni is on fire and ready to help others get connected to their fullest potential! Look out for Toni on her new show—Mom-Preneur on DreamNationTV Network via dreamnationtv.com !

Shontaye Hawkins



Bottom Line Strategist™ Shontaye Hawkins is a thriving business coach, speaker, CEO & Founder of Profit Is The New Black®.  Shontaye has worked with top business leaders to build wealth in excess of $1 billion and attract high net worth clients.


She has worked for Fortune 500 companies such as Goldman Sachs® and Bank of New York®, in addition to other industry leaders like Grant Thornton. In her business, Shontaye teaches her clients practical strategies to rapidly increase their profits, attract new clients, achieve massive business growth and keep their profits in the black – making money! She helps entrepreneurs eliminate money leaks and income barriers, identify and create their very own profit game plan. Shontaye is passionate about encouraging women in business to reach their full potential and build successful, more profitable futures, starting today!


Shontaye has appeared as a repeat guest expert on Fox News Radio and been featured in Black Enterprise and Today’s Innovative Woman magazines. Recently she authored her first book Profit Is The New Black; a business advisory book for entrepreneurs seeking true financial freedom.


When she isn’t helping her clients create massive growth, success and profit, you can find Shontaye in her running shoes training for her 5th half marathon, reading a good book or spending time with her family and friends.




Donald Hatter



Professionals that believe managing the perception of their value is essential to their success will appreciate interacting with Donald Hatter. The reality is that defining one's value proposition will be beneficial when selling a product or service, yourself in an interview, or your ideas in meetings and through presentations. Whether you are in a formal “sales" role or not, you are always selling.
Donald is a bestselling author, a motivational speaker, and a sales and marketing professional with more than 20 years of relevant experience. He has developed partnerships with global brands such as Wal*Mart, Shell Oil, American Airlines, ExxonMobil, Texas Instruments, Waste Management, Halliburton, Johnson & Johnson, and Visa. He also lends his expertise to innovative startups, mid-sized companies and regional organizations who seek him out for consulting, marketing leadership, training events and conferences.
Donald authored best sellers “10 Things Great Sales Leader Don’t Do!” and "Becoming Invaluable". 10 Things Great Sales Leaders Don't Do! details 10 common mistakes that sales leaders make, which hinders their ability to acquire new clients. Becoming Invaluable teaches professionals how to manage the perception of their value so that they can thrive in their careers.
Donald holds a B.A. in Economics from the University of Pennsylvania where he was a member of the varsity football and varsity track & field teams. He also has an MBA from the University of Pittsburgh Katz Graduate School Of Business.
Donald has a great work-life balance and is actively involved in his community, church, and children’s activities. His compelling story of resilience, positive affirmation and self-discipline is an inspiration to people of all ages as they face the inevitable hurdles of life.

TL James



As a Certified Dream Builder Coach, TL James can help one design and manifest a life that’s in harmony with
one Soul’s purpose. She is a Vision Designer.
In 2007, TL James realized her first big dream when she released the first of her new Best Selling Series, The
MPire – a sci-fi thriller. During her own literary journey, she learned many processes to ignited and aligned
herself with her dreams, re-patterned her actions (reactions) brought on fear and accelerated her results and
success. In 2009, she established PHE Ink – Writing Solutions Firm. She worked with aspiring writers and
authors, helping them build their literary dreams, accelerate their results, and create richer, more fulfilling
She was certified by the world renowned Life Mastery Institute as a Dream Builder Coach to teach the Dream
Builder Program. This program has a 40 year track record of empowering people in building their dreams
and creating a life they love. She has combined the Dream Builder Program, along with the Laws of Attraction
Practices, to teach a well-rounded successful program and not only focuses on the results but the journey.
As a sought after life coach and professional speaker, TL James offers inspiring workshops to empowered
audiences as transformational in-depth coaching programs that help clients achieve new heights of success,
meaning, and spiritual aliveness. Through the creation of PHE Living Life Coaching Practice, she has the
opportunity to share knowledge regarding the skills and processes needed to create and live FROM your



David Thomas



David Thomas launched his speaking career in 1996 with the formation of IntegriTalk, an enterprise that stresses the importance of integrity through keynote speeches and interactive seminars before a wide variety of corporations and organizations. A two-time graduate of the University of Texas at Austin (BBA, JD), David became a CPA and has gained useful insights along with acquiring valuable business experience in the public accounting, commercial banking, and retailing arenas. He has inspired audiences throughout 37 states and Canada and was certified earlier this year as a John Maxwell Team Speaker/Coach/Trainer. Media exposure includes radio and television appearances, including his interview on the nationally syndicated PBS program, Living Smart with Patricia Gras.

Carolyn G. Anderson



One of the nation's leading expert on the art of transformation, CAROLYN ANDERSON is the Founder and
Executive Vice President of Integrity Consulting and Coaching Enterprise (ICE), a corporate coaching and
consulting firm with over 30 years of combined experience in strategic leadership, lean processes, six sigma,
visioning, process improvement, effective management, coaching, contracting and negotiations, effective training
and employee solutions amongst other services.
CAROLYN is results driven and is known by her peers as the TURN AROUND GURU and the SOLUTIONIST.
As a laser FOCUS Strategist, she takes complex problems and makes them simple. In her recent E-Book (FOCUS
and get Results) she shows how time blockers are hindering success and how a lack of FOCUS does not produce
profits. Her trademark Strategic Plans and Business Map have transformed lives and businesses and moved
them from surviving to thriving. She uses streamlined processes and continuous improvement models that are like
none other.
As the CEO of Life Transformation Center, she is known as the TRANSFORMER. She transforms lives with her
energy and infectious positive attitude. She’s simply a beacon of light to those that come in contact with her. Her
electrifying persona, colgate smile and sense of humor places her in a category all by herself and has made her the
in-demand dynamic speaker that she is. Whether she's speaking at Colleges, Corporations, Government
Organizations, and Conferences or at workshops, lives never remain the same. She’s the author of 3 books, one that
recently sold out and now she’s working on 3 more, scheduled to launch before the end of the year.
She’s the fresh, dynamic and motivational voice that’s creating a buzz locally, nationally and internationally. She’s
currently on a world tour that is designed to teach others to find meaning and purpose in their lives and to write the
VISION. As the transformational expert Life and Image Coach for Fox 6 Studio A Show, she consistently shares
with the viewing audience practical steps to live an exceptional life. She has been featured on the Steve Harvey
Show; Ask Dr. Nandi Show and has her own radio show every Thursday and is featured in business journals and
magazines. Most notably, the royal Mrs. America Madeline Gwin recently crowned Carolyn as the reigning 2016
Mrs. Milwaukee-Waukesha Queen. Dr. Carolyn will be traveling throughout the state of Wisconsin sharing her
campaign theme on “Bridging the Gap – in love.”
As a Professor and Consultant, Carolyn utilizes the skills honed as a leader and pioneer in corporate America to
captivate her students with practical teachings that can be applied to their everyday lives and their future careers.
She teaches what it takes to keep an organization going in the midst of crisis.
A trained Army Soldier, Carolyn knows the discipline and FOCUS needed to hit the TARGET! She utilizes the
same skills taught in the military to fight and WIN. With her expertise in Leadership and Organizational
Development, she has what it takes to get RESULTS! She is a trusted voice and a ground breaking Speakerpreneur.

Crystal Scretching



Crystal Scretching is a motivator who encourages women to show up and be who they they are in this world. She is an Amazon best-selling author, passionate speaker and inspirational live broadcaster and radio host. Through her transparent approach, Crystal will inspire you to love your authentic self and uncover the greatness that already lives inside of you. Always here to remind you that “You Are Enough”, it is Crystal’s mission to help you stand in your truth and live your highest quality of life.

Crystal’s work includes being a contributing author of “Shift: 20 women share stories of strength, courage and succeeding against the odds” and “Pass the Mustard Seed: It’s Your Faith That Moves Mountains, Not Your Hands.” Crystal is a graduate of the Positive Psychology Coaching program by Dr. Tal Ben-Shahar’s Whole Being Institute. Crystal is a proud leader of the BoPoTribe, a body positive global movement and community. Crystal has most recently launched a new radio show called Living Your Truth Out Loud. 

Delon Delafosse


My name is Delon Delafosse and I'm a proud and devoted mother of 3 beautiful children whom ages are 23, 21, & 18. I have one son whom is my oldest and 2 daughters. I've been married for 2 years to an awesome loving and supporting husband. Family is extremely important to me and moves me to do all that I do.
I previously was able to retire after 13 years on my last job thanks to my business at Paparazzi Jewelry. Paparazzi Jewelry has changed my life in so many ways. Sharing the benefits with others is such a beautiful feeling.
I absolutely love life and I love empowering others to not only love life but to love themselves. My sole focus is to coach, uplift, motivate, inspire and advocate for battered women, women & young women who suffer from low esteem, individuals who want to become entrepreneurs, speaking to kids about excelling at youth, and serving/giving back to the community. Educating individuals to be comfortable with who they are and to love and value themselves, is something I pride myself in. I'm up for any challenge and I will change lives one life at a time.

Kimberly Smith



Kimberly Smith, motivational speaker and personal power expert, is one of the most sought-after experts on conquering grief, building self-motivation, and realizing your personal power. She is an inspirational keynote speaker, licensed real estate agent, and graduate of the University of Houston's Police Academy. For Kimberly, life hasn't always been a crystal stair, but she has forever remained a strong woman. From being a successful real estate agent to losing everything due to a suffering economy, this was followed by the death of her husband of 18 years who left behind his three children, which included his first and only son, who at the time just turned 2 years old.

With prayer and patience, Kimberly's stairway to success has begun to shine crystal clear again. Kimberly helps individuals increase confidence and use personal power to combat issues that she once suffered from as well such as, denial, defeat, and depression. Kimberly's goal for others is quite simple; with strength, you will persevere through any troubling issue.

Since graduating from the University of Houston's Police Academy, and becoming a peace officer, Kimberly is well trained in talking to others about drug abuse, alcoholism, and most importantly inspiring today's juveniles. She is a phenomenally strong woman, who lifts and empowers women as well as men alike.

Once hearing Kimberly's testimony, it's no question to why so many people admire her strength.

Layna Ware



Layna Ware is an Industrial Psychologist who hails from New York and has had a passion to witness the growth and development of leaders who can impact individual lives and inevitably, change the world. She has been a dynamic business partner and strategic advisor with over seven years of experience in diverse business environments with an emphasis in training, leadership development, complex problem solving and leadership training. Layna demonstrates strategic influence and has translated business needs into people solutions. This young entrepreneur is committed to weighing out what is best for the company with what is best for the individual, employee, management, or executive board. Layna is passionate about the development, contribution of, and supporting the organizational mission, vision, strategic goals and objectives. Why U, LLC. was birthed to awaken your talents and dreams that are within you. The gifts, resources and abilities are within EVERYONE. It is only when one taps into the potential that there is a possibility to flourish and prosper. I want to help ANYONE understand what their gifts/talents are and how to utilize them to the best of their ability. It is my assignment to reignite the greatness that’s dormant and to sharpen your brand to show the WORLD who you truly are!

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