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Toni Preyer

A native of Houston, TX, Toni has always been an excelled overachiever. She completed high school at in 3 years at age 16, completed her bachelor’s degree program also in 3 years at  age 19 and graduated with a Bachelors in Business Administration & Entrepreneurship. Through volunteering in student ministry and outreach, in the course of 2 years Toni became the Youth Pastor of one of the fastest growing ministries in Georgia; Oasis Family Life Church, became an ordained Minister, began speaking to thousands of students across Georgia and eventually elevated into a new role as the Creative Marketing Director with an emphasis on Social Media Marketing. Today, Toni has infiltrated the world—with an emphasis on girls, teens and women—through her positive message of driving passion to success. She has launched a successful career in; motivational speaking, hosting events, creative consulting, mentoring as well as ministering in the areas of; leadership, strategy and operations. At 24 years old, Toni is on fire and ready to help others get connected to their fullest potential!
Look out for Toni on her new show—Mom-Preneur on DreamNationTV Network via dreamnationtv.com !

Christine Handy



Christine Handy is a wife, mother, and breast cancer survivor living between Dallas, Texas and Miami, Florida. After a series of health crises, Christine has devoted herself to sharing her journey with others, while educating and consoling them. On May 1, 2016 Christine released her first book Walk Beside Me, a fictional depiction of her illness and her long road to recovery. Walk Beside Me is the story of one women’s journey from a world of labels and superficiality to a far richer world of friendship, loyalty and love.

An accomplished model in both the national and international sphere, Christine began modeling at the tender age of 11 in her hometown of St. Louis, Missouri. Through her career, she has done campaigns for notable brands including Guess, J. Crew, JC Penney, Bud Light, Pepsi, Petco and Target. Modeling up until her cancer diagnosis, Christine now aims to serve as a spokesperson, speaker and Ambassador for cancer-related causes.

Christine has two sons whose devotion through all her illnesses continues to humble and astound her. Christine’s family has been a rock, a comfort, and a blessing during hard times. Christine is a strong believer in the immortal words of Princess Diana, “Family is the most important thing in the world.”


Ivy McQuain



Ivy N. McQuain has been writing since she was a young girl. She won several awards, including having her version of The Three Billy Goats Gruffs published in the local library of her hometown in Kansas City, KS at the age of 11. In 1998, she began her professional writing career at Texas Southern University in Houston, TX as a student writer. Since then she has not looked back. Her articles have graced the cover of several publications across the country and online. She has interviewed celebrities and noted business owners, political figures and other high profiled individuals. To date she maintains relationships with various media outlets across the country.

The logical next step for Ivy would be to write her first book. While she has had several book titles on hold she finally decided to write Get Your Head Out of the Clouds, This is Business (BLI Publishing, 2012) as a practical guide to helping business owner hopefuls understand the pitfalls, dangers and joys of business ownership. Her debut book has enabled her to be called upon for her expert advice in business and media relations. Ivy has ghostwritten for other individuals including pastors and celebrities. She is currently working on other titles in business, fiction and self-help.
Ivy has been a public speaker since 1999 when she was elected as the Executive Secretary for the Texas Southern University Student Government Association. She honed her speaking abilities by speaking to her peers and to the administration on various topics and student concerns. Ivy has traveled across the country speaking with state officials, students and administration about the dangers of drinking and driving on behalf of M.A.D.D. Her audience ranged from as little as 10 individuals to more than 2,500 individuals. She continued to speak on various national and internationally platforms with Peak Performers Institute on the topic of media branding.
She continues to speak at workshops, conferences, teleseminars and other engagements speaking on various topics including:
• Teen Pregnancy
• Business
• Entrepreneurialism
• Media Branding
• Mental Health Awareness
Getting her client’s story into the media is Ivy’s specialty. She has worked to get her clients in community, local, regional, national and international media outlets including radio, television, online and print. With more than 15 years of media experience, Ivy knows what it takes to build a strong media brand. She also creates media opportunities for clients through BLI Media and BLI Publishing. She has executive produced and directed In Da FloW, which is an entertainment company, The Executive Corner, to highlight entrepreneurs and small businesses, and Curvy Lines, a modeling competition. Ivy also started the first of its kind, Our Weddings Magazine to highlight weddings, relationships and men in the Black community.
After 11 years of denial, Ivy finally decided to get help for a mental condition, bipolar I disorder. The outright refusal to acknowledge and start treatment for her mental illness, Ivy’s life was much harder than it should have ever been. Finally in 2015 she hit rock bottom and found herself facing the barrel of a life changing event. It was at that moment that Ivy decided that she controlled her condition and she began getting the help she needed. The guilt and shame that she felt all those years is what kept her refusing to get better. In May 2015 Ivy started a video blog on YouTube entitled Young, Black and Bipolar to help other young Black people with starting the process to get better. Now Ivy has been featured on major mental health care sites and is working on a journal and book for individuals on their mental wellness journey.
Ivy is the graduate of Southern University class of 2002 and holds a B.S. in Marketing. She also graduated from the University of Phoenix with a dual master’s degree in Business Administration and Public Administration. She completed one year of doctoral studies in Business Administration. She is the mother of two sons, Demerial and Nickohlas and resides in the Dallas/Fort Worth a

Petya Edwards



Petya Edwards, has been in Dallas TX for 7 years now and all I have done so far is inspire and motivate women to be the best they can be. I had a nonprofit organization for 5 years. Now, for close to 1 year I am organizing networking events and workshops for local women to help them grow themselves and their business. Our annual celebration is on July 20th, I gather over 100 women every 3 weeks and am very successful at bringing women closer together. So as you see this isn't new to me. I am a sales and marketing strategist. I share my knowledge to help women, but at the end of the day I know that all need to be inspired by someone who can bring the best out of them, and I truly believe I am that person.

Edward Gideon, Jr



EDWARD N. GIDEON, JR. Since his first career experience and through every business he has owned, Ed has been involved with dramatically Changing environments. Situations which required his unique ability to Assess, Develop, Deliver and Consult. Since 2008 Ed has consulted and trained business owners and executives to not only deal successfully with the challenges of the economy, but to also shape their businesses to thrive in the future. 
Client solutions are developed from a long continuum of experience beginning with training Infantry soldiers in the new, all volunteer Army in 1972. Prior to 1972, during Vietnam, the draft filled the ranks. All volunteer didn’t change the instructional content as much as it added the nuances, challenges and benefits of volunteer soldiers to the training process. More individual concerns had to be considered, not at the expense of the mission, but to maximize individual assets. 
During the 1980s Ed consulted with larger banks and Savings & Loans in the U.S. The industry was being forced into de-regulation by the government. Protective laws were dismantled. Competition was magnified significantly. Brokerage and insurance firms could now compete for bank business. What had once been protected ground for banks and S&Ls was gone. Anyone could compete. The landscape was completely different, and it was delivered very swiftly. He helped institutions adapt their operating divisions, learn to staff more effectively, process paper and handle money more efficiently, and abetted their efforts to survive in the new regulatory environment. This was accomplished with new systems, improved organizational structures, improved training, revised hiring practices, new disciplines and work ethic. 
Further change experience came in the 1990s as a minority shareholder, CFO and senior executive second only to the major shareholder, for a $9M textile business that was grown to $34M in just over 4 years. The business was profitable every year of his tenure, expanded capital equipment, acquired 3 businesses and culminated in a $10M financing package he negotiated with banks, suppliers and local entities. During this time of growth the government delivered NAFTA and the textile industry was severely threatened. Growth of this magnitude required physical plant expansion, capital equipment acquisition, personnel expansion and training, government and regulatory liaison, improved customer relations, new and expanded systems/procedures, consistent financial performance, adaptation to growing technological advancements and more. 
Ed delivers consulting and training guidance tailored to each client’s needs. He assesses each client’s goals, develops actions for executives to implement, measures progress, trains and teaches the Team, and installs measurement criteria.
He started Breakthroughs for Success in Action in 2008 as a Consulting, Executive Training firm. Ed is a Vietnam era Army Infantry officer. He has consulted or owned businesses in every major segment of the economy. He has managed 300 employees on 3 shifts, 24/7; doubled the sales of his business over a four-year period; bought & sold companies; met his banker on Saturday to make payroll on Monday. There are very few situations he hasn’t seen. Ed brings a solution-oriented focus to his clients.

EDUCATION: U. of Texas, Austin, May, 1972, BA; U. of Southern California, Dec. 1975, MS-Systems Management.
Other Honors, Awards, Achievements: Army Commendation Medal, 1975
Expert Infantryman’s Badge, Schofield Barracks, Hawaii, Spring 1973
Airborne Qualification, Summer 1972; 
Commander, Corp of Cadets, University of Texas, Austin Army ROTC 9/71—5/72
Outstanding Cadet Award—Sons of the American Revolution (SAR Sabre) 5/72
Distinguished Military Graduate “ “ “ 5/72
Distinguished Military Student “ “ “ 5/72
Outstanding Company Cadet, Fort Riley, KS. ROTC summer training, August 1971
Outstanding Company Cadet, Fort Knox, KY.ROTC basic training, August 1970
Intramural Sports, U. of Texas: All University Touch Football Champions 1969. All University Softball Champions 1969.

Sonja A. Brown



Combine integrity with passion, sprinkle with a desire to win and you have the makings of a foundational leader. Sonja A. Brown is a passionate leader who builds on her innate skills with educational and professional development. Her passion to do more than just talk the talk has proven invaluable as she encourages and motivates others to achieve their goals and live their desired lives. As a noted speaker, author, mentor and serial entrepreneur, Sonja understands the importance of living what she teaches.

Proud of her degrees in Organizational Management and Psychology, Sonja is most excited to be a forever student in life, majoring in growth and happiness. As a mentor, she spends countless hours pouring into others who need guidance and motivation on their journey to success. Her desire for everyone to succeed has garnered her featured articles and columns in Examiner.com/Dallas, ALIVE Magazine, Epitome Magazine, Southern Dallas Business & Living Magazine, and other publications.

With an infectious smile and her “rope-a-dope” approach to life, Sonja has sustained many devastating blows yet always emerges victorious! She’s unapologetic for putting to rest the person others wanted her to be and becoming the woman she was created to be. She stands tall knowing the source of her help and the provider of her strength. 


Erika Greene



I am a wife, mother, a sister, and friend.  I am flawed but most importantly, I know that I am enough. And I'm here to share my story with the world! I know that every struggle is an opportunity for growth, and I'm here to spread my message of hope and inspiration!


I know that the right perspective is integral to success. Every person's picture of the world depends on how they frame it. No stranger to struggle, I was a single mother for 22 years. My determination and optimism carried me through the good and the bad. Now I'm here to help those around me share their truths and share their unique story with the world.


Drawing from personal struggles, my message of hope provides a safe space for others to share their tales of triumph and tragedy. My purpose in life is to encourage others to achieve their dreams. There's nothing quite like the satisfaction of helping somebody achieve goals they did not imagine they could reach.


When I'm not using my gift of gab to help others, I'm rooting for the Dallas sports teams. Go Cowboys! My poetry has appeared in Purple Sparks, an anthology for and by sexual assault survivors. I'm here to take on the world with the help and support of my husband Cedric, my children, and our loyal dog, Rocco.


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/weareexposing/

Blog: http://www.exposedonline.org/home



Marta Cordell



Marta Cordell is a Certified Wellness Coach, Certified Transformational Nutrition Coach, Certified Associate Diabetes Educator and owner of Full Bloom Wellness Solutions. Her mission is to make healthy living simple and accessible to everyday, busy people, and her passion is for helping people achieve their own personal vision of wellness through small, incremental changes they can embrace with joy and excitement. Marta lives and works in Plano, TX, but works with clients throughout the U.S., and even overseas, through the wonders of modern technology! If you would like to know more, please visit www.areyouinfullbloom.com.

Angel Radcliffe



Angel Radcliffe is a Chicago native, residing in Dallas for 9 years. Angel Radcliffe, MBA is a Public Speaker, Author & IT/Finance Consultant with 10 years in Corporate America in the areas of; Finance, Accounting & Technology. She is the owner of CAS Consultants, Ms. Radcliffe provides Consulting to small businesses in relation to Financial Reporting, Analytics, Social Media Strategy & Real Estate Vendor Services. She is currently entering into her 8th consecutive year on the Board of Directors for a local non‐profit as Finance Chair & is dedicated to giving back to the community. Ms. Radcliffe’s goal is to start a nonprofit in the near future, she also aims to educate the community on Financial Literacy – Credit & Budget Management for consumers & Small Business Finance for Entrepreneurs. Ms. Radcliffe started her speaking career in 2012 with presenting to local organizations on Financial Literacy topics. In 2015, Ms. Radcliffe enhanced the topics of her presentations to include; Motivation, Small Business Finance, Social Media & Non Profit. 
Most recent appearances for 2016 include;
Biz Tech Women Conference – March 2016 – Small Business Revenue & Expense Tracking
Dr. Walter Sims Radio Show – March 2016‐ Present – Various Financial Topics presented weekly
SXSW ‐ March 2016 ‐ Leveraging Non Profit with Social Media
660 AM Radio, Dallas TX ‐ April 2016 – Consumer Finance for Financial Literacy Month
Dallas Federal Reserve – Financial Fitness Workshop – April 2016 – Consumer Finance
The Dr. Vibe Show – April 2016 ‐ Financial Literacy (Consumer Finance)
Nu Media Radio – May 2016 – Small Business Finance
Kids In Need Foundation – June 2016 – Leveraging Non Profit on Social Media

Clemith Washington



Clemith Washington is a daughter, sister and an author. She has worked as a Registered Dental Assistant at an Oral Surgery practice in Memphis, TN for over 10 years. Clemith is currently pursuing her Bachelors of Science in Business Administration at Arkansas State University in Jonesboro, AR. After being married off and on for over a course of 4 years, she realized that God would use her for His Glory. Clemith had to deal with anger, depression, suicidal thoughts and unhappiness. Those 4 years were training camp for what she was about to take on.
Clemith soon found her happiness after going through what seemed like it was impossible to overcome. Her victory was so triumphant that she was inspired to write a book titled “Broken Chains”, which was released on April 16, 2016. It is a depiction of what she had to endure, fight for and overcome. Clemith hopes to provide encouragement to both men and women who may be separated, facing divorce and who are divorced. By the grace of God, her journey is a true testimony of the power of God Almighty Himself.

Angela Berry



Who is Angela Berry? I am a wife, mother, educator and businesswoman. From an early age I knew I would be an entrepreneur, and teacher It is because of my hope, faith and trust in God I am here today. I have been proudly married for the last 17 years to Ricardo V Berry, an active duty solider. We are the proud parents of two children, and are presently stationed in Fort Hood, TX.  I have had the honor of working in the education field for the past 7 years, presently teaching Pre K 3 for the Killeen Independent School District.


When it comes to the business arena, I have been a part of the direct sales industry for Ten and a half years. My business is my ministry; it gives me the platform to help others find their LIGHT and SHINE! Teaching others brings my heart joy. It amazes me everyday how my love to educate and working in this industry have blended together. There are so many people who want to be free from the daily rat race, or have lost there voice somewhere along the way. They want to start a business, but are unsure and wonder if they have “what it takes”. This is where my passion lies!! Showing people how to focus on their gifts and talents, and use them to make their dreams a reality. 


 With TLC I have the honor of showing people how our natural products can enhance their present lifestyle. Equipping my clients with information that enables educated decision-making concerning their health, wellness, and business.  I encourage my clients to go from dreaming about their physical, financial and spiritual goals to seeing them manifest!!!


This is me Angela C Berry, and it would be my pleasure to partner with you to begin the new journey you have been waiting for. 

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