A native of Houston, TX, Toni has always been an excelled overachiever. She completed high school at in 3 years at age 16, completed her bachelor’s degree program also in 3 years at  age 19 and graduated with a Bachelors in Business
Administration & Entrepreneurship.
Through volunteering in student ministry and outreach, in the course of 2 years
Toni became the Youth Pastor of one of the fastest growing ministries in Georgia;
Oasis Family Life Church, became an ordained Minister, began speaking to
thousands of students across Georgia and eventually elevated into a new role as the
Creative Marketing Director with an emphasis on Social Media Marketing.
Today, Toni has infiltrated the world—with an emphasis on girls, teens and
women—through her positive message of driving passion to success. She has
launched a successful career in; motivational speaking, hosting events, creative
consulting, mentoring as well as ministering in the areas of; leadership, strategy
and operations. At 24 years old, Toni is on fire and ready to help others get
connected to their fullest potential!
Look out for Toni on her new show—Mom-Preneur on DreamNationTV Network
via dreamnationtv.com !




Dawn M Westmoreland, a retired Air Force veteran, has over 22 years of experience in leadership, Human Resources, and coaching. She was sent to Washington D.C. in April 2015, by the Concerned Veterans for America (CVA) to be a “voice” to the Senate about reforming the Veteran Affairs (VA) and protecting VA “Whistle-blowers”.  Dawn is also the author of “The Empowered Whistleblower:  A Practical and Spiritual Path to Personal Power”.  She shares how our “gifts” in life can sometimes come in “ugly wrapping paper”.


As a speaker and coach, Dawn is often able to help “shift” others and assist them in finding their voice, strength and personal power. Men and women who work with Dawn are often able to “break-free” from feeling overwhelmed, manage their stress, find their voice and set healthy boundaries in their lives. They are capable of living the lives they want and to “own” their personal power instead of giving it away to others.


Dawn uses her gifts and wisdom to teach others how to empower themselves. She does this through speaking engagements, radio/magazine interviews, consulting, workshops, teleclasses, webinars and private coaching sessions. She has been interviewed on more than 35 radio shows and featured in multiple magazines. A correspondent from the Christian Science Monitor praised Dawn for turning her horrific situation into something good that she can now teach others as well. 




Quadeera Teart was raised in a family of very busy business owners, who always left her to tend to the young; never nurturing her gift and talent for creativity. She was always a smart young lady with creative ideas; a natural raw talent. She always succeeded at anything she put her mind to doing. 


Somewhere along the way her voice grew weak, her ambitions broke down, and her vision for her life grew dim. Quadeera had lost her spark, until the day her soul physically, mentally, spiritually, and emotionally opened up.


Between her daughter being born, entrepreneurship, and life experiences, she found my shine again. Quadeera finally knew what to do with her voice, and her raw professionalism for idea and brand development. She finally learned how to own her celebrity, and now she helps women and youth, just like the ones you serve, step over their fears, step out of their 9 to 5's, and get rid of those yucky things called comfort zones.


Quadeera helps them step into the life and business of their dreams; boldly, fearlessly, confidently, and un-apologetically, to live the life they deserve, while serving their communities. She is Quadeera Teart, the Celebrity Woman, teaching women and youth how to develop their celebrity super powers for success.




Since 2001, Trudy Simmons has mentored and counseled women and married couples. She has a Ph.D. from Jacksonville Theological Seminary and is a licensed pastoral counselor and ordained minister. In addition, Trudy has worked over 15 years in the fitness industry as a certified personal trainer and writer for Women’s Health and Fitness magazine helping people achieve their personal fitness goals and establish an overall healthy lifestyle.


Bringing these attributes and skills together, Trudy is uniquely qualified to train women body, soul and spirit. In addition to her regular speaking engagements, Trudy is a frequent guest on the Dottie Coffman radio show, has spoken nationally at the Pure women’s conferences and has been a guest on the Friends and Neighbors TV show.


Dr. Trudy and her husband founded the Seven Bridge Marriage ministry, which provides resources for married couples to strengthen their marriage through seven guiding principles of God’s relationship to mankind. Through this ministry, Dr. Trudy has authored seven marriage study courses and a book on The Marriage Journey.


Media Activities: 
Everyday Living with Dr. Trudy
Atlanta Live TV
Friends & Neighbors TV Show
The Peggy Denny TV Show
Dottie Coffman Radio Show




Steph Stanford has been called The Steve Harvey of Relationships. She’s an absolute expert at teaching people how to take the crazy out of love and life. This Happiness Expert is a published author, a well-known speaker and the one people run to when they want easy techniques to uncomplicate their love and their lives. 


She was honored as a Woman Of Influence by Vanessa James Media & Cadillac for helping women redefine what it means to be a quality woman and to own it!  She’s proud of the BA in Psychology and her MBA, but Steph now shares the greatest lessons of her life from the school of hard knocks.


She survived divorce, cancer, a failed business and the negative voices in her own head that held her back.  She teaches women just how easy it can be to get a man and keep him. Her last book "Happy Ain’t That Hard" took the community by storm, so get ready for her upcoming 2016 release, "Grandma’s Guide To Getting & Keeping A Man".


Connect. Reach out. Share your story & keep up with Steph Stanford at www.StephStanford.com.




Tina M. Levene is a National Motivational Speaker, Clean Comedian and Published Author.  She has empowered thousands with her inspirational messages and 4 books.


Tina motivates audiences to keep moving forward by overcoming abuse, addictions and adversities to find peace and freedom. She inspires people to always have hope no matter what their circumstances.


Tina Talks Truth is her stage name because her mission is to encourage people to discover their truth, one gift at a time. She empowers audiences to let their strengths become their catalyst to take them further and deeper into a true understanding of their potential in building God's Kingdom.


In her spare time, Tina leads ministries for females in jails, prisons, drug treatments and strip clubs and works full-time for the Department of Juvenile Justice.  She loves spending time with her husband, son and dog in Tampa, FL.




Ruthann McKenzie is the founder of Just Be Confident, a social enterprise to coach, mentor, and empower women. She is also the author of "Today Will Be Different" and a co-author of the best-seller, "Prayers Of A Single Mom". Ruthann fulfills her purpose and passion of teaching women to move forward in their life and business confidently.

However, this was not always the case. Ruthann has faced many challenges and has survived many obstacles to get to where she is now.


Having lost everything, with the little faith she mustered up she was able to break the cycle of abuse and homelessness for herself and her child. After doing the hard work to not just survive, but be victorious, Ruthann decided to share her life lessons to help others overcome the challenges they face in their own lives.


Along with her social enterprise, Ruthann is passionate about education and is currently seeking her Masters at Nova Southeastern University. Her hope is to utilize her education for the advancement of others as well as herself. Ruthann's mission in life is to guide others into moving forward and stepping into their confident new life.




Karen R. Mertes is a Lieutenant Colonel (Ret) from our United States Air Force. Karen turned a life altering tragedy into a life purpose with her organization, Fulfill Your Destiny.  A car accident in 2007 was the genesis that led her to create the non-profit organization that financially helps people whose careers have been altered by injury or other unforeseen circumstances. 


Karen uses an entrepreneurial business model that she’s overlaid onto a non-profit organization, raising money for Fulfill Your Destiny in 11 ways, 5 of which involve her offering a professional service or product for donation. Having designed this proven, successful non-profit organization, WEDU honored Karen and Fulfill Your Destiny with their Be More Entrepreneurial C1 Bank Engaged Philanthropist Award.


Some of Karen's other notable honors include being named a Woman of Distinction, INSPIRE Woman of the Year, and with the Spirit of Philanthropy.  Our Tampa Bay Lightning honored Karen as one of their first season's Community Heroes. Karen is a Professional Motivational Speaker, Co-author, Certified Entrepreneur Coach, Certified Leadership Coach, and Certified Women’s Issues Consultant all to benefit Fulfill Your Destiny.


Karen is the creator of Fulfill Your Destiny’s annual signature event, Fulfill Your Destiny’s Spring Chari-Tea held each year in March; next on March 19, 2016. Karen is celebrating the release of her newest book, "Plaintiff 101 The Black Book of Inside Information Your Lawyer Will Want You to Know" on available on Amazon on Sep 15, 2015.




Tori Molnar is an 18 year old entrepreneur, writer, and motivator. At just thirteen, Tori founded Utoria, an entrepreneurship empowerment company for young women. She's had to overcome her fair share of obstacles, from the early death of her father to being diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy, but she never let that hold her back from reaching her goals.


Today, Tori spends most days tasting the most delicious snacks on earth for her latest start-up, Bars & Bites, where she curates all-natural food products from small producers.




In the midst of the deepest heartache, the darkest valleys, inspiration and transformation takes place when international speaker and best-selling author, Janet Perez Eckles touches your heart. Her genuine style, riveting real-life stories of trials that turned to triumph re-energizes you to have a new, fresh perspective.


Although she has no physical sight, she imparts insight to show you the path to the fullness of life and to the sweetness of success.



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